Food Services

Nick Farah Jr, has been in the restaurant and food service business for over 35 years. He consults with several start ups and food entrepreneurs. His passion is to develop menus featuring mediterranean foods and healthy alternatives for his clients. Sue Farah has been catering for kings, princes and heads of states. She is considered an expert in Mediterranean cuisine. Debbie Farah specializes in Weddings and boutique events helping our clients celebrate their special occasions with beauty and good foods.

We offer a wholesale food part of our business as well as product development and menu consulting.


Our wholesale business sells several specialties to markets and restaurants in the North and central Florida area.

We are also the go to for local chefs in Hotels and Country Clubs that have discovered they can’t beat our recipes, so why bother.

Menu Development

Well versed int Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking we are the go to for several food entrepreneurs who need help with menu development and recipe consultation. We love bringing our experience to a new concept or a fusion cuisine.


So many successful restaurant and related businesses are finding them selves having to start over in this new normal. Thinking differently to survive and create new offerings, new ways of delivery to clients and catering and party alternatives. We would love to consult with you about pricing, costs, menus, and many other areas of expertise.

Social Responsibility

At Farah’s we desire to be a part of the betterment of our community and our nation. Where we can we provide jobs and on the job training for those marginalized and difficult to employ. We also try to help our homeless populations by providing food and other aid. And we offer non-profits reduced rates when possible to help them raise money for their cause.

Nick has helped us develop our business concept and provided several things to us wholesale, that we couldn’t produce ourselves. His expertise saved us several months in the start up process. And our new clientele loves our new restaurant

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