The menu is a mix of Mediterranean and Levant regional cuisines, and the menu changes with each event, customized for your specific tastes. Of course this isn’t our fun menu, but its a good start for us to plan from.


Falafel Fritters
Parsley, Chick Peas, jalapeños and spices formed into patties and deep fried.

With seasonal vegetable crudités and Pita bread

Mezze Platter
Cheese, Olives, Pickles, Meats with hummus and other specialities. Custom Charcuterie boards also available.

Tahini Salad
Traditional Salata dish made with cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, lemon juice and sesame paste. Just one of our many salad offerings.

Can be made with a variety of toppings, Prime rib, bruschetta, goat cheese, just to name a few.

Mini Gyros
Mini Pitas made with chicken or beef with our freshly made taziki sauce.


Surf and Turf
Steak Medallions and Salmon. A favorite for so many events with your choice of beef and fish combination.

Lemon Chicken
Our lemon chicken with a special selection of spices that make this an event pleaser. Usually served with Turmeric Rice, and green beans.

Prime Rib with Mushrooms
A perfectly cooked prime rib with a mushroom and wine overlay. Often served with rice and a vegetable.

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
A dinner portion of salad along with a grilled chicken breast garlic croutons and parmesan and our own caesar dressing. Can also be available with salmon, or shrimp.

Vegetarian Plate
Falafel Patties, served with Spinach Pies and salad. On request we can also substitute Pasta Primavera.

Pasta Primavera
A perfect combination of fresh seasonal vegetables, and pasta in an alfredo sauce with extra parmesan. Can also be made with chicken added in.


A classic delicacy made with rich layers of phyllo dough and a mixture of nuts. Made in so many beautiful designs and pistachios, walnuts, pecans or cashews.

Shreaded Phyllo dough made into small cakes filled with cheese topped with rosewater flavored syrup.

Assorted Cakes
Traditional pound cakes as well as many others available.In mini bunt size as well as full size.

Banana Pudding
A traditional Southern Bananna Pudding made with a creamy filling, fresh bananas, and whipped cream.

Key Lime Pie Creamy, and slightly tart. The original Florida Key lime pie. Served with whipped cream.

Chocolate Death by chocolate, our most chocolaty offering of cake or layered mouse with brownies. So many chocolate offerings too many to list here.

So many more deserts and specialty cakes are available upon request. And mini shooter deserts if you want to try more than one at your event.

Our fish is responsibly caught from sustainable sources. Grass fed beef and Halal available upon request.